Sunday, December 18, 2005

Pet Peeve

Robin: Is there coffee?
Randy: In the world? Yes.


Saturday, December 17, 2005

Kira's Christmas List

I asked Kira what she wanted for Christmas. This is her list:

1. To be princess of Lynnwood, Washington.
2. For Greta to learn to talk now.
3. For all of us to get over our colds.
4. For us to be able to relax all the time.

I'm not exactly sure how to gift wrap those...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Growing up

My girls just turned 3 months and 5 years on the same day a couple of weeks ago. And I realized that suddenly Kira has changed from a toddlerish sort of girl to a real kid. I can see that she'll be ready to go to school and start tackling the world without me by her side every moment. I know I should be glad about that, and I am, but part of me wants to cuddle her up and make her a baby again. It's a good thing I have a new one to start all over with. :)

You can see for yourself. Here is Kira six months ago, and Kira today - when did this happen?!:

And - a picture of my little three month old in case she ever accuses me of never taking her picture... (I've heard second children can do that when they grow up... ;))

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On sleeping in her own bed...

Kira: I do not want to discuss that
Randy: Why not?
Kira: Because my feelings are like glass about that. They will break and shatter into a million little pieces.

Guess where Kira is sleeping tonight...

Friday, December 09, 2005

Just your average night at home...

Going to bed in my house is a Saturday Night Live skit on an average day. There's me, finally with a sleeping baby at her natural bed time of 1am slipping her into her Nest, Kira over into the middle of the bed - making sure that she's not just *leaning* that way or she'll flip back the moment I get in. Scooting Randy all the way to his side so I have room to scoot Kira over, and inevitably the baby wakes up and I pick her up and let her lie down with us all for a while as my shoulder goes to sleep because she's using it for a pillow again. That's everyday.

One night this week, all of the above had occurred as usual and then I hear that cough that every mother knows, right in my ear. The cough that comes from the *stomach* not the chest. I flick the light on, lauch the baby into the nest, grab Kira and run to the bathroom. And yes, she's throwing up the whole way. I get her cleaned up. Get her changed. Get her back in bed. Look in the Nest and there's the wide awake baby. I get the baby who is now hungry and nurse her in bed. She finishes nursing and... hmm... there's that cough again but this time it's Gigi's turn. Randy, who had successfully faked sleep through the last escapade, flicks his light on this time and says "Can I get you anything?" and with perfect timing Gigi then throws up ALL over me, and the bed, and herself. And I say "Yes, a towel". And it keeps coming. This event is made all the more perfect by the fact that I'd just washed and changed all the bedding this afternoon.

Randy takes the baby (at arms length) and proceeds to act like the perfect father while cleaning her up... "Nothing comes out of this baby but love!" Hmmm, where were you an hour ago?

So, baby gets cleaned up. I get cleaned up. Bed gets as clean as it's gonna get at 3 am. We all get ready to get back in bed and Kira says "My tummy doesn't feel so good." Uh oh.

Rush Kira to the bathroom - more throwing up. Put her in the bathtub to keep her warm and close to the toilet now.

Finally, everyone is back in bed and keeping their insides to themselves by 4:30. Ahhhhh....