Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pet peeve

The first entry on the agenda for the meeting I'm headed to is:

Review of Agenda

Um, you sent the agenda out ahead of time, presumably so we wouldn't need to take time to review the agenda. Plus, it seems like some sort of crazy circular universe when things exist in order to be reviewed... or maybe I should have eaten breakfast this morning.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy 30th!

My baby sister turns 30 today! Lots of merriment was had tonight and I know she has a fantastic decade ahead of her.

Her kitty, the famous Cosmo, seems less than thrilled that she was out all night and didn't invite him along.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Evil Editor

He's almost as fun as Miss Snark... almost, no one quite compares to her.

If you need a laugh this morning, go to and check out Tuesday's post - hilarious.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Poor Barry

When you reach this level of uncool, I'm not sure what help there is for you:

Apparently Barry Manilow is to teenagers what salt is to slugs.

Of course, he was on American Idol this year, so maybe he's not so far gone.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Guess who learned to say "Dada" on Father's Day. Yes, Gigi is already learning the art of fantastic timing.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Wow it's been a long time since I've posted. So I'm going to update on many things!

1) Miss Kira had her ballet/tap recital. She considers herself a bonefide star since she and her classmates were the group on the cover of the program. She considers the pose to your left her "Cleopatra pose" and apparently put much thought into trying to look like a pharaoh, inspired by her gold eye shadow.

2) On May 17th Gigi said her first word: Mama - smart little girl that she is. She can now call the cat by saying "Nono" (for Norah) and making two quick kissing sounds. And according to my mother says "cracker" perfectly though I have yet to confirm this. She's crawling ...kind of... but runs everwhere so long as she has one of your fingers to hold onto.

She also has learned to use her sweet little kisses as currency, given when she wants something (the glasses off your face) or to thank you for something she wanted (letting her kick her legs in the hot tub). Yes, we're worried already.

3) My dear iPod, Podswald, was stolen from the women's restroom at work. I've worked at this client site for 3 years and have never worried about anything being taken. Not only am I grieving for Podswald, I'm mourning the loss of my confidence in mankind (really womenkind in this case). Of course, I won't be grieving for long since Randy said he's going to Apple today to get me a new one, but still, it stings. ($299 + tax it stings!)

4) As I've mentioned to my friends I'm addicted to Miss Snark and have been devouring her archives. Yesterday I was so bold as to send her a question and got an ANSWER in my e-mail today. Wow. I feel like George Clooney himself just e-mailed me. Well, not quite, but it's close. An actual agent and a semi-celebrity at that. This is almost as much fun as having my email read over a podcast on air.

5) Word count update - so sadly, I'm only up to 21,475 words (out of 90,000). Not quite the 30,000 I was going for by June 1st. I got distracted by writing a book proposal for a non-fiction book. We'll see if that takes off and in the meantime I'm redoubling my efforts. Halloween is my deadline for finishing the novel.