Tuesday, February 28, 2006


We’ve just decided for certain where Kira will go to Kindergarten. After spending three years researching educational styles, I had decided to homeschool Kira with a classical curriculum. I felt great about the decision and knew that she’d love the structure and would learn so much about her world. And then, my husband very gently said that he thought she’d really like a teacher that wasn’t “Mom”, that she responded very well to teachers and interacted with them differently than she does with me. And he was right. I saw that even though I didn’t want to. And I couldn’t quit my job just yet, so I really wouldn’t be able to homeschool her the way I wanted to, which in my mind would be something like a moneyed Victorian family that took their children on archeological digs and trips to the British museum. I might come up a little bit short. But I knew how I wanted her taught and I conceded that if I could find a Christian school with small class sizes, that used the curriculum I had picked out, that was nearby and reasonably priced, I’d send her. A likely scenario.

I plugged it all into Google, and it was the first hit. I visited the classroom and I loved it. I sent my husband to the open house to find something wrong with it and he went twice and couldn’t find anything. We went to the interview and they loved Kira. She showed them all that she knew and at the end they said, “You must be so pleased with how you’ve raised her.” Well, yes, thanks. I am. J

Now, I am excited about her school and how much she’ll learn and how well she’ll do. I have to remind myself that she’s going, not me, and I’ll have to content myself with her reports of her day. I can’t wait to help her with homework and chaperone the field trips and volunteer in the classroom and hopefully I”ll get a chance to do all of those things.

I look at her, and my eyes well up now. I see my new baby and look forward to her turning 1 and 2 and 3 and at the same time miss so much those years with Kira. She’s such a mature, well spoken little girl already and not the quirky, crazy toddler she was. She used to be so obsessed with ice cream, that when we’d play Chutes and Ladders she’d lick the ice cream card whenever it came up. It’s all crinkled and warped now. Once, at my friend Heather’s house, she asked if Squeegee could come home with us when we were leaving. Squeegee was her imaginary friend, and how she said “Luigi” as in Mario and Luigi. We asked her where he was and she said “he’s that little green guy in the corner.” So we winked and nodded and said “Oh sure, he can come.” Then all ran to stop her as she started to roll a watermelon out the front door. And at two, when Randy was working two jobs, and couldn’t get time to go Christmas tree shopping with us, we picked out a tree and brought it home ourselves. We put the lights on it together and then I plopped down in a chair. But she grabbed my hand and pulled me away from my computer and in front of the tree. She said “Oh, Mama, isn’t it beautiful?” and I stopped and paused and looked at her and said “Yes, it is.” That was the year she called me “Christmas Girl” and learned to sing “Up on the Housetop” with motions I made up and begged to go to the North Pole.

And now she’s going to Kindergarten… in 6 months, but it might as well be tomorrow. I remember being 16 and lying in bed at home and thinking how I’d blink and be headed off to school, and I was scared to live on my own. But I was wrong, I blinked and I’m sending my daughter to school and I’ll blink again and she’ll be in college.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Let the chewing begin

Miss Gigi's first tooth has broken through! She's been teething since 2 months, and now has something to show for it. A lovely, sharp, little incisor on the bottom right side. YAY Gigi!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I got my stuff together and uploaded all the pictures on my camera. :) Here are a few of the first *cough* or second *cough* feeding. :)

Clearly, she's not completely thrilled. She did all she could to tell me she wanted a cupcake, not mushed up bananas or rice cereal, but mean old Mom didn't listen.

And in case anyone is wondering, yes, her hair *is* turning red! (Note the shock of black hair still hanging on by a thread!)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bananas Shananas

Forget the rice cereal and mushed up bananas. Gigi likes cupcakes!

I was holding her yesterday with my fresh French Vanilla cupcake topped with homemade buttercream vanila and orange icing. I turned my head and "CHOMP!" Little baby Jaws had her mouth full of cupcake and icing all over her nose and forehead. I stared in disbelief in time to see her going for another chomp. Let's just say it wasn't the same scrunchy little face she made at the banana. She knew I'd been holding out on her!

(And yes, I did try to get all the cupcake and icing away from her sweet little face. Hopefully the damage was minimal)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Who's that eating with a spoon?!

GIGI!!! I took the hint that she was ready for solids when she tried latching on to my chocolate chip cookie today. I think that's probably discouraged as a first food, so I dutifully pried it out of her mouth and mixed up some rice cereal. No spoon confusion here, she downed the whole feeding! (No skinny babies here, either, for that matter).

Do I have pictures? No. She's the second baby and I'm the typical mom of a second baby. I need one more arm to hold the camera!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Who woke up in Peoria today?

The Mariners pitchers and catchers! That's right, baseball season is here for all intents and purposes. Ichiro is still in Japan and Joel is still playing for Puerto Rico. Our Venezuelan players are still with the VSL, but pitchers and catchers are where they belong!!!

I'm very excited about Kenji "Joe" Johjima - he's one to watch. We haven't had a strong catcher since Danny Wilson and he's been needing a good protege for a very long time. Those will be big shoes to fill, but I think Joe is up to it.

Go M's!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Where are all the tickers?!

So many goals, so few tickers. Why are they all about weight loss or counting down the days? If I could really write code, I'd create my own, but I can't, alas. So, here are my goals. I'll be updating progress frequently. Maybe I'll add a sidebar for them. Hmm....

Weight loss:
Today, 2/14, zero pounds lost
By June 30, 10 pounds lost

Conservative, yes, because I'm still nursing. I'd rather say 30 pounds, but that's probably not healthy.

I'm at 18,712 words today - by June 30th I need to be at 30,000.

I'll just go with percentages. No need to tell the world how much I have. Needs to be 25% paid off by June 30th.

Stay tuned for fun little graphical representations of all of the above. :)

This just in... from Stars Hollow

Even Lauren Graham thinks the feud was a mistake. Of course, she also thinks Lorelai should end up with Christopher, so her word isn't exactly gold, but it's something.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Recent Kiraisms

On School...
"I think that going to school two days in order (in a row) will be a bit challenging, but I can handle it"

On choosing between tap and ballet...
"Well, when I try to do dances from the Marvelous Musical Mansion (her favorite video) I can tap dance pretty easily, but I think I need more help with ballet so I should have a teacher if I want to do ballet every time I'm onstage"

On her sister...
"Gigi is my treasure"

On my hair...
"You should take a few inches off the ends so you can see your shirt more and color it. But don't do all blonde. Leave some brown in there for interest."

On her hair...
"I like it down better than in a ponytail, don't you? That way you can see more of it."

On What Not To Wear...
"They can turn anyone around!"

Friday, February 03, 2006

Go Hawks!!!

I can't really claim to follow the NFL well or be very knowledgeable about it, but I grew up knowing the names Chuck Knox, Jim Zorn, Kurt Warner and Steve Largent. I thought you were part of the family.

Matt win this one for all of us!


You're next, Mariners. ;)