Monday, October 24, 2005

Watch out for Elmo

I'm not sure what to make of turf warfare in Elmo garb, or the cliques, but there you have it.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

How to strike horror in your husband's heart

Last night we went to Scott's Bar and Grill on a whim. This was where we met, and where Randy worked for several years so it's like a homecoming whenever we go. People come to the table to catch up. New waiters come introduce themselves. Everyone makes over the kids.

In the midst of this, Gigi begins to cry and I comment that she looks hungry. Of course we didn't bring a bottle.

Randy says "What are you going to do?" Not in the flip way that he would if I got my shoe stuck in the mud. Or the sarcastic way he would if I said I couldn't get into my baby name board.

This was true fear. I think he was imagining either A) the baby crying loudly in front of all of his friends or B) me deciding there's nothing embarrassing about nursing the baby in the middle of the restaraunt... in front of all of his friends.

Donning my cape as Supermom, I took the baby into the bathroom to nurse her (twice) and no one was the wiser. :)

Things I can cross off the "I've never..." list

Today we were supposed to go to the pumpkin patch. It's a tradition that my sister goes with us and last year we finally found a great patch after some pathetic attempts that culminated in going to the grocery store for pumpkins. It's been beautiful for nearly all of October and we were really excited, then of course, it's pouring today. We wouldn't have been deterred except I don't know how to keep a baby dry in the rain. There's probably some super polypropelene baby pouch gizmo, but I don't have one.

So, we decided to go to breakfast and see Wallace and Gromit. Should have been great. We have a breakfast place that knows us all by name, and we know them. They even held Gigi for me so I could eat my food. (Yes, I gave my baby to the waitress!)

But, hmm, perhaps the hash browns weren't such a good idea. Or maybe it was the blueberry pancakes. Who knows. But by the time we got to the theater I jumped out of the car while in the middle of the road, told Randy to park and bring up the kids and ran to the restaurant, hopping from garbage can to garbage can like I was playing Frogger to avoid throwing up in the middle of the lobby. Thankfully I made it to the bathroom in time.

I then met everyone in the theater, where we sat in the back so I could nurse the baby during the movie.

And those would be two things I can no longer use in the "I never" game.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Even though I'm "not working" Fridays are still fun!! Today is (grown up) Lemke TV Night. Wahoo!!! We Tivo all our shows through the week and watch them on Fridays. This week is a wild success because I've only sneaked one show in ahead of time. ;) Our lineup is Gilmore Girls, Lost, Without a Trace. Wahoo!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hello Again

Well, after one false start I'm back to the world of blogging! And what a day to start. This would be the day that I heard a stalker/trespasser/serial killer outside my window. Not to be dramatic. I suppose it could have been a guy walking his dog. Still, it was 8am and he was right outside the window. The cops came and assured me no one was there, however, because there were no footprints. Um, ok, you could walk down the paved street, up my stone steps, to my wooden deck to get to this window, but clearly the absence of footprints is telling. Where are Detectives Briscoe and Logan? Where's Special Agent Fitzgerald? SAM SPADE? ANYONE?

Ok, but the good news is, Randy rushed home and I've had company all day. Hopefully panic does not ensue tomorrow.

Later this afternoon I took the girls to the bookstore for coffee and book reading because I saw Kira pushing a paper clip across the hardwood floors. When I asked her about it she said "I'm trying to keep from being bored." Bad Mom. Bad Mom.

And this was my exciting day.

Funny Kira quote of the day... "'So' Kira exclaimed!"