Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fun links for the day

Set your coffee cup down before clicking - you've been warned. This lady reads POD's (publish on demand books) to find the diamond in the rough... needless to say it's mostly coal out there and here's her list of opening lines that make her close the book and not read any further.

This one may use some naughtly language, again, you've been warned. If you want to know what your web site would soung like in jive, just gizoogle it.

And, on a not so humorous note (although looking at them does make me chuckle) check out the wave of the future:
http://www.commutercars.com I see these all over Seattle - seems like a great idea, although the idea of assembling a car does have me a little worried. A crib is one thing, but "honey, let's put together the car!" makes me twitch a little bit.

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