Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pet Peeve #386 (approximately)

When writers give their character a cell phone and then make said character's significant other #1 on speed dial. Does no one who writes actually own a cell phone? Number 1 is always voice mail, people!!!

I suppose there may be some carrier somewhere that doesn't preprogram their phones with #1 as voicemail, but for the rest of us in the country - how about you make "Sweetie" #2.

This is very closely followed by writers who think that their readership has never seen a computer and say things like "he moved his fingers across a black square in front of the keyboard" (that would be a touchpad) "he hit it twice over a little picture of a file and a list of documents appeared on the screen" (translation: he opened My Documents).

Probably your reader ordered your book from Amazon with her very own fingertips. Give us a little credit, please!

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