Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mental Head Smack

Tonight I get to hear author Susan Kandel talk about her new book, Shamus and the Green Room.

Not a Girl Detective came out last year. I'm borrowing the synopsis from rather than link to it. This is one of those things that makes me smack my head and wish I'd thought of it. I would have so loved to have written this book. I'm a big, BIG Nancy Drew fan. At least I get to read it and hear the author:

Biographer and amateur sleuth Cece Caruso freely admits that she spent her youth idolizing girl detective Nancy Drew, a fantasy that undoubtedly influenced her grown-up job writing biographies of dead mystery writers. But as Cece will discover driving down the highway in her Jackie O. sunglasses and a borrowed baby-blue Cadillac, some fantasies die harder than others.

Researching the life of Carolyn Keene, the pseudonymous author of the Nancy Drew mysteries, Cece meets a flamboyant collector of Blue Nancys, the original books with blue covers. When he finds out that she is taking a road trip to Palm Springs to snoop around at the annual Nancy Drew fan convention, he offers her the use of his swanky vacation house. But the last thing Cece expects to find lying around the swimming pool is one very dead body.
In a race against time that takes her from a secret enclave of restored Victorians near downtown L.A. to the driest stretches of California desert, Cece will have to channel her former idol and then some to unmask a sly killer — before he comes after her. Of course, it helps to have a knockout collection of vintage clothing, though Cece prefers Azzedine Ala├» a semigloss knits and Halston silver sequined berets to Nancy's prim suits and gloves.
Filled with wit, energy, and clever twists, not to mention one smart, hip heroine, Not a Girl Detective is pure entertainment.

The new book is right up my alley also - it features a biography of Dashiell Hammett, allusions to The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man, and a leading man named Rafe. Oooooo....

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