Wednesday, July 26, 2006

On facing fears

A conversation had in the kitchen over a cantelope.

Kira: Mama, you can cut a whole cantelope now!
Me: Yes, I can
Kira: You faced your fears! And the knife didn't break.
Me: That's true, it didn't.
Kira: So we can get whole cantelopes now. That's good because the half cantelope was more expensive then the whole cantelope.
Me: Ok then (thinking that I still really hate cutting cantelope)
Kira: You know, sometimes I have to face my fears.
Me: Really, what are your fears?
Kira: Oh you know, getting the Cellar Ghost in Squeegie's (Luigi's) Mansion, or eating red peppers at dinner. When I grow up I'm never eating a red pepper again. Bleh!
Me: OK hon.
Kira (sighing in delight at the cantelope and walking off muttering): Mama cut a whole cantelope.

Clearly the key to impressing your kids is to set expectations very, very low....

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Jennifer said...

ROFL!! The funniest part is that I love cantelope, but I hate to cut it too. I can't tell you how many I've let get too ripe - and then throw away - because I just don't cut them. Guess it's time to face my fears?? LOL!